Copy of Copy of "Despertando a la noche"

Isaac Guzman

Isaac Guzman uses photography to depict a series stories about the complexity of migration. From anthropological perspective the use of photography becomes a tool, the image as a document that helps address the issues about migration in the south frontier of Mexico.


José Angel Rodríguez

José Angel Rodríguez has chronicled the experience of displaced populations in Chiapas for over 40 years. Through his photography and teaching, José Angel has nurtured the development of a new generation of photographers, translating his experience of many years as an assistant in the darkroom to the iconic Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo.

Pablo Farias


Maruch Santiz

Maruch Santiz, explores a set of traditional beliefs from her Tsotsil Maya community, developing a rich visual narrative on the importance of traditional knowledge for family and community life. She started her work as a photographer in 1996, as part of the Indigenous Photography Archive of Chiapas. Maruch explores the conditions of life in the Chiapas Highlands. She is currently a fellow of Mexico’s National Fund for Culture and Arts.

Tragameluz CNTE17 2016-07-20 186 (1).jpg


#DESDEELBLOQUEO is a series of works captured by the Tragameluz collective, covering the teacher union resistance to educational reforms since 2016 and exposing the violent repression they confronted.

Tragameluz Collective is an umbrella organization for photographers working in Chiapas, México. Tragameluz has for close to 20 years promoted the development of visual discourses based on collective and community experiences. In the absence of inclusive media spaces for photojournalism in Mexico, and given the risks of violence associated with this work, photographers have joined in collective groups. These groups support their work, provide some degree of anonymity and protection, and help articulate a communal narrative that informs local and national dialogues about social justice in Mexico.