About Pablo Farías

I take photographs as a way of seeing and remembering. Whether the parades of New York City, where I now live, the religious festivals I seek wherever I travel, or the activities of organizations and groups I have visited for work.

Over the years my portfolio has grown, affording me an opportunity to look back and work from materials accumulated over time.  They include festivals and religious celebrations, where the intense presence of communal life elicits a reflection on the search for meaning and its relation to social bonds. But also the daily routines of work, the landscapes that shape our shared memories and the way that light defubes ritual spaces.

My Story

I discovered photography early in life, while living in Monterrey, México, and have never abandoned it. It all started by trying out an Exakta camera my father had bought in the 1950s. A dark room followed and photography became a practice. Trained as a physician and medical anthropologist, my work for over 20 years has focused on social development and poverty reduction in communities around the world. Photography has always been closely associated with this work, allowing me to explore and share the experiences of the people I meet and the communities I visit. In the last 10 years I traveled extensively to visit places where non-profit organizations work to reduce poverty and promote social justice. 


Please use the form below to contact me about purchasing any of the photographs in these collections. They are available in limited series of 30, printed on cotton fiber archival paper using pigment inks. All photographs are signed and numbered.